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Cathryn Walker

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As a journalist, I film, report, digitally edit, and write all of my news stories. I am constantly updating this portion of the site with more examples of my work.


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Long winter harms Washington gardens 

March 2014

Prolonged cold and snowy weather is throwing many Washington gardens off schedule and delaying plant bloom. Yet gardeners believe this setback will bring more visitors come spring.

Anti-abortion protesters say life is "number one right"

January 2014

Anti-abortion supporters from all over the country came to Washington to protest abortion on the 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. Thousands gathered at the National Mall and marched to the Supreme Court. The march concluded a series of events surrounding the issue. I filmed and edited the package along with a fellow intern.

Anchoring Sample

December 2013

A sample of my anchoring work for multiple newscasts.

YouTube Space NYC Promo Video

August 2013

While interning with the YouTube department at Google, I jumped at the chance to promote YouTube Space NYC with this promo video. 

Day Care Thieves

April 2013

A burglarized day care is wondering, “where did all their toys go?” I share how one community is rescuing recess.

Autism Acceptance 

April 2013

Finding employment can be difficult--especially if you have a disability like autism. I show how one University of Texas organization is making a difference.

Austin's Changing Churches

March 2013

Multiple Austin churches have recently voted to become reconciling ministries. This means they have joined a nationwide network that supports the inclusion of all sexual orientations in the church. I share how one local church makes the transition.

Justice For Trayvon Martin Rally '12

February 2013

In rembrance of the one year since Trayvon Martin's death, I created a podcast featuring citizens at Austin's "Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally" last spring. I never used these interviews in a story, but still felt these voices deserved to be heard.

Texas Newswatch Open

February 2013

In a small but fun project, I capture the essence of Austin, TX for a new Texas Newswatch show open. Here's a taste of Austin!

AISD Cancels Controversial Play

November 2012

 Last month Austin Independent School District cancelled performances of a play written by a UT graduate student. The play featured a same-sex penguin couple, which the district felt was an inappropriate topic for young children in a public school setting. I have an update on community reactions.

Another Step Towards a Digital Transition

November 2012

Newsweek's big decision to stop printing its magazine and go completely digital is yet another sign of the evolution of journalism. I explain how the decision from one of the nation's biggest magazines may affect how you read news.

Tolu's Video Story

October 2012

A short documentary I filmed and edited with a partner about college student Tolu, who is working hard to give back to his community in Lagos, Nigeria.

UT Austin More Crowded than Ever Before

October 2012

This fall the university admitted it's largest incoming class yet. In fact, 13 percent more students from last fall's admittance rate. I find how this impacts registration and could affect UT students' future classroom experiences.

Students Walk against Hatred and Racism

October 2012

Multiple UT students say they were victims of a hate crime in West Campus. Now one of the victims is criticizing APD's response. I talk to her and takes you to the protest against racism.


September 2012

One UT student describes his transition from female to a transgender male and how his journey has altered his perspective on life. 

Every Longhorn Has a Story

May 2012

A commercial I filmed and edited for UT's summer and fall Orientation. The short film promotes a diversity program we hosted called, "Every Longhorn Has a Story."

YNN Austin Stand-Up Reel

May 2012

During my time interning at YNN Austin I practiced my stand-ups and on-air presence. I even decided to step outside my box and give weather a shot!

Four-Year Graduation Enforcements Impact Orientation

April 2012

A recent decision made by President Powers is requiring orientation to increase emphasis on academics. His goal is to see more students graduating in four years. For that to happen a new UT Task Force of students and faculty is proposing new ways to change the school's academic structure.

Daily Texan Trayvon Martin Cartoon

March 2012

Reactions were overwhelmingly negative to a March edition of the Daily Texan where a cartoon was run satirizing the controversial Trayvon Martin case in which a woman reads quote, "And then the big bad white man killed the handsome, sweet, innocent colored boy." The artist, Stephanie Eisner, was criticized and protestors rallied against the Daily Texan.

Weatherfest comes to Austin

March 2012

Weatherfest 2012 shares of the excitement and danger that can comes from Texas weather.

Save Texas Schools Coaltion Rallies for Improved Conditions

March 2012

Texas teachers and lawmakers rallied at the Capitol to demand lawmakers knock the 5.4 billion dollar cuts in public education. These cuts have caused over ten thousand teachers to lose their job in the past year.

Austin Pets Alive Could Face Setback

March 2012

A recent conflict between Austin Pets Alive and city-owned shelters threatens Austin's no-kill policy and reputation.

Students Petition for Gender Neutral Housing

February 2012

A UT student organization petitions for a gender neutral floor in Jester to accomodate transgender students. I look at how this small request is creating a big buzz.